Zindagi Tamasha nominated for busan (BIFF)

Sarmad khoosat’s film ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ Nominated for the Prestigious Busan International Film Festival

Sarmad Khoosat has always been considered as a semblance of diligence and success especially after his debut film “Manto” which garnered critical acclaim and proved a box-office hit.

After “Manto” in 2015 we have been waiting eagerly waiting for his next venture, and a few months back, we updated our readers on his come back with upcoming bilingual film “Zindagi Tamasha” which is shot in Punjab.

The film was recently cleared by all the three censor boards and is set to release later this year. Now the news has it that the film is also nominated for Busan international film festival and it has been confirmed by the director himself and the lead actress Eman Suleman.


The film has stars the new faces such as Arif hassan, Ali Qureshi and the model Eman Suleman. The seasoned actress Samiya Mumtaz is also going to be seen on screen and Sarmad himself is also going to appear in a cameo.

Written by Fareeha Wahid


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